Candi A Tonis Candi is a lifetime New York City resident. She grew up in Queens and lives only 5 minutes from her childhood home. Over the past 4 decades she has had many opportunities to become involved in her community, and has always jumped at the chance. While raising her 2 children she eagerly participated in the NYC Board of Education PTA. She held varying positions on the board over the course of 8 years. To this day she still maintains friendships with many of the fellow PTA that served with her as well as parents and faculty. While she was on the board she setup a donation drive for Multiple Sclerosis. Her oldest brother developed the devastating disease and as his sole care giver she made every effort to help others similarly afflicted. Over a several year span, Candi collected significant amounts of money, taught children the joy in giving and was recognized by the MS Society for her terrific work. She has also been involved in other charitable efforts such as toy drives for local children hospitals, dances for leukemia and local offerings of services needed in the community. Now that her children are adults and have busy lives of their own, she had the opportunity to become involved NYC Surgical Cares, and eagerly accepted our invitation to be on the board to drive our vision. Candi is a unique person that lights up every room she is in and makes each and every person she has contact with feel as if they were touched by someone special. Her drive and dedication to help is second to none. “I am fortunate to be in a position where I can help others in need and hope to get some of these people to pass the torch and continue the giving. My mother taught me that regardless of how little you have someone else has less and to always set a plate at the table for them. I will do my best to make this happen with this remarkable opportunity.”